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Beyonce & Lindsay Visit Colombia For A New Smile!

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Two of the world's most famous celebrities are planning to visit Colombia - pop diva Beyonce and Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan are scheduled to visit the South American country.

But Lohan, who famously admitted to cocaine abuse in a February interview with a British newspaper, is not coming to sample Colombia's most notorious export lol

Colombian dentist to the stars, Marlon Becerra, has come up with an innovative way to attract tourists to his country, by getting superstars such as Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan to lead the way.

Orthodontist Becerra, who works on celebrity smiles both in his native country and in Los Angeles, was inspired to organize the star visits after co-ordinating a hugely successful trip for ex-Spice Girl Mel C to see Cartagena last year.

Becerra explains,
"What happened with Melanie was reported around the world. It's a clean and nice way to show off the country ... and show its real image."

Becerra said that the British pop-star was "so ignorant" of the country that she wouldn't even get on a Colombian flight, but after visiting the historical city she admitted,
"I'm crazy. Cartagena is beautiful."

Following this success Becerra had the idea of inviting 40 other celebrities to follow in Melanie C's footsteps - those who agreed include singing superstar Beyonce and actress Lindsay Lohan (who is a good friend of Mel C's).

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