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Lady Gaga To Pose Naked?! That Would Clear Up Rumors Wouldn't It?

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The famous American artist Spencer Tunick who is known for his 'installations' in which hundreds of people strip and pose in front of a monument or any famous place, has asked Lady Gaga to fly down to Australia, because he is going to do another installations known as Mardi Gras installation in front of Sydney Opera House.

If Lady Gaga were to accept his offer and pose naked in a public place, it would once and for all, dispel rumors that she's a hermaphrodite.

So that brings me to the question,

Would you want to see Lady Gaga naked?

I asked the same question on my radio show and the phone lines went crazy! Some said no, some said yes. One girl said no celebrities should pose naked, but I asked her if she would want to see Beyonce naked and she said yes! lolll

I'll keep you posted if it does happen!

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