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Body Language Experts say Tiger Woods' Apology Was Credible

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At the beginning of Tiger Woods' apology, he emitted what a body language expert calls a "cathartic exhale."

"It's when an individual recognizes that he's caught," said retired FBI profiler Joe Navarro, who watched the statement on television. "He is exposed and he is at a very weak point."

Navarro said the presentation was professionally choreographed, down to the dark blue background – "very soothing" – and Woods' clothes. "It wasn't like a business suit. It wasn't too casual. It was just right."

And yet, Navarro found Woods' words to be credible.

"One of the things that lets you know he's struggling with this is just how often you saw the hard swallow that he does, the tension in his face, and so forth," Navarro said. "And all these things, where he emphasizes, you can tell he's being genuine in what he is saying. I think he's somber….Everything about him, the eyes, the way he's holding his head, he's very contrite. This is a very humbled, contrite individual and that's the message that's being delivered."

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