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Beyonce's Concert In Brazil Ends In Gun Fight! Reps Deny It Happened!

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Beyonce's second show in Brazil ended with a gun fight and everyone is talking about it!

She had been performing to a 30,000-strong audience, but the night ended in terror when police had to open fire on teenagers who had been shooting at people waiting for taxis to get home.

The 29-year-old Beyonce was not hurt in the incident, and there were no serious injuries.

Beyonce has been in the country for the past week shooting the new video for her and Alicia Keys' forthcoming single 'Put It In A Love Song' and to perform a handful of concerts. (click here for Beyonce & Alicia behind the scenes shooting their video)
OF COURSE Beyonce's reps say that gunfire didn't break out at her Friday concert in Brazil, despite a false internet report:

"The reports of gunfire during Beyonce's concert in Brazil that allegedly ended her show early are totally false," a rep for the singer, 28, tells Us. "Beyonce played to record crowds on her recent tour in Brazil without incident, including an audience of 60,000 in Sao Paulo on Saturday, February 6 and two sold-out shows in Rio on February 7 and 8."

(Ok I absolutely LOVE Beyonce, but damn they need to let her be human. lolll They want to make her so perfect that not even a gun shooting could ever possibly happen at one of her shows. I mean it's definitely NOT a good thing to have gun fire after your show and I am surprised it even happened. But IT IS true that people could get scared to show up for her next shows. But let's be serious here people, that is NOT STOPPING a Beyonce fan! loll the end of the day, Beyonce is NOT perfect but they always want to make her seem that way. I love Bey but let her be human lol.)

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