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Beyonce & Dad Get Slammed For Stealing A Song...AGAIN!

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Beyonce and her father/manager, Mathew Knowles, are facing heat over song credits yet again.

In a recent interview, record producer Rob Fusari, accused the duo of taking credit for using Stevie Nicks riffs on the hit Destiny's Child single "Bootylicioius".

Claiming that he came up with the idea to use part of "Edge of Seventeen," Fusari says Mathew Knowles later told him sharing credit did "not sell records".

"I remember watching Barbara Walters interview Beyoncé about 'Bootylicious', and she told Barbara about how she came up with the idea for the track," Fusari told Billboard.

"I called Mathew which was a big mistake. I got emotional and I apologised after - but I called Mathew and said, 'Mathew, like, why," says Fusari. "He explained to me, in a nice way, he said, 'People don't want to hear about Rob Fusari, producer from Livingston, NJ. No offense, but that's not what sells records. What sells records is people believing that the artist is everything'."

"And I'm like, 'Yeah, I know, Mathew. I understand the game. But come on, I'm trying too. I'm a squirrel trying to get a nut too.'"

Well besides him trying to get a nut lol...We have heard of this time and time again, and not just with Beyonce. Many famous artists have stolen other people's songs before, some we hear about and some we don't. But remember how Beyonce spoke and took sole credit for the song "Irreplaceable" when Ne-yo really did. In the interview above what I found interesting was his comment about what sells records and that an artist has to be everything. We all know an image can sell, and Mathew hit it right on the nose with that....everyone wants to believe Beyonce is writing and going through all of her lyrics and I understand the biz side of it, but damn, like I am always saying....Beyonce does not have to be PERFECT all of the seems as if her team is always "covering" something up. Give the guy his name credit! geez!

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