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Sisqo Ordered To Pay Un-Paid Child Support For Underage Girl/ Wins "Hunk Contest" On TV Show w/ His Famous "Thongs"

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I swear the other day I was just thinking..."Where has Sisqo been??"

Apparently R&B singer Sisqo had sex with an underage girl in Switzerland years ago.
The 25 year old fan got pregnant 11 years ago and sued last year for financial help from the singer. Yes that means she was 14 when she got pregnant!
A judge in Switzerland now has ordered that Sisqo has to pay monthly support for the child.

Describing their alleged encounter in court documents, the woman said, "After the concert Sisqo was standing with his band at the bar. We went over and talked to them. Then everything went very fast. "I was so young, but I wanted to enjoy my life. Ian often saw his father on TV. He's very proud of him. It's up to his father to prove he's right to be proud."

The amount he has been ordered to pay is unknown, what is known is that Sisqo has consitantly refused to take a paternity test. If it would be proven without a doubt that he is the father he might actually face legal prosecution in the United states.

Nowadays, Sisqo is a contestant on the UK Celebrity Big Brother reality show. And this week, they had a Hunk Contest, which Sisqo won! The "Thong Song" came back to haunt him look! lol.....

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