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A NYC Man Gets Put On Blast By His Mistress: Cost Her $250,000!

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IN CASE U MISSED IT: An NYC man got put on blast by his mistress who put pictures of them up all over the city on billboards.

Not just any NYC man, Charles E. Phillips president of Tech Conglomerate Oracle and a member of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Charles reconciled with his wife and YaVaughnie Wilkins who had a long term affair with Charles spent well up to $250,000 on billboards in NY, San Fran, and ATL blasting him! The billboards were taken down but were said to have costed an estimated $50,000 per sign to show the world their relationship.

A spokesperson for Charles says that while Charles and YaVaughnie Wilkins did have an 8 1/2 year relationship, that has since ended and he wishes her the best. A website was also made to display their affair at but has since been shut down.

Some may say she went too far, or maybe she is wrong for being with a married man or you canlook at both sides and see that she wanted to show everyone it's not ok to play with woman's minds...but at the end of the day,

Was it all worth it?

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