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Casey Johnson's Celeb Friends Nicky Hilton & Tila Tequila Fight and Call Police! [VIDEO]

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E! Reports that there's a battle brewing among Johnson & Johnson Heiress, Casey Johnson's closest friends.

Tila Tequila, aka the late heiress's nominal fiancée, called police to her Los Angeles home today after longtime Johnson pals Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips showed up there to retrieve Johnson's dogs and some belongings on behalf of her family.

But when Tequila refused, things got ugly.

Two LAPD squad cars arrived at the home after a call was placed around 2 p.m., according to department spokeswoman Officer Rosario Herrera. Herrera says there was a "verbal dispute."

The officers quickly became referees and restored order. Tequila wheeled out a rack of clothing that included fur coats and a Christmas blanket. Both little dogs, who had been locked in a bedroom, were also handed over, as were some bathroom products and packages of insulin.

After the exchange, Tequila told the press, "They don't care about the dogs. They are putting them to sleep to bury with Casey." When asked if they were going to put down the animals, Phillips simply said, "No."

Hilton first tried to get the dogs back last night but was turned away by Tequila, who has apparently been caring for the pups since Johnson died Monday.

Some may say Casey's family and possibly the public are being harsh on Tila and blaming her for Casey's sudden death. Tila's timeline on Twitter showed the world that just days before Casey's death she had been partying so much....

"Wow I'm still hurting from NYE...haven't slept for like 3 days! I just fell over the dinner table earlier..."

Then, just hours later, Casey's passing was announced. But was Casey partying w/ her new fiance?

Tila got on Twitter after the fight happened w/ Nicky Hilton and spoke to her Twitter followers...telling them she was the only one who really cared for Casey.

Click each Twitter time line to read more clearly.

Casey Johnson's death is still an investigation.


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