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Drake Says He Is Continuing To Work w/ Kanye West On New Album Despite Previous Failed Video Attempt...

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Some of Drake's recordings will be produced by Kanye West — they've already made music for the album and have plans to connect for a last time before Thank Me Later closes up shop. All those conspiracy theorists who claimed that Kanye sabotaged Drake when he directed the video for "Best I Ever Had" can close out that argument as well — Drake maintains the video is exactly what he wanted, he just wished he could have shot it with a bigger budget.

"I don't really care about catching flack," Drake said about fans that were less than pleased with the video collaboration. "Everybody is not gonna love everything we do ...

"That'll never stop me and Kanye from working together," he added. "Me and Kanye, when we do come together, it's great. We have great chemistry. That definitely won't halt us from giving people what they deserve. In a couple of weeks I'm going to Hawaii so I can work with him and No ID some more."

When asked about the songs they already have in the can, Drake said they were so dope they didn't need hyping.

"It's not much to say — we got some great songs," he noted. "Kanye just brought extra brushes to the painting session. He just brought some more colors so we can complete this masterpiece. I know he's eager to complete his record too, so he's back in that music mode which is great. He was in clothing mode for a second ... now I think he's back and ready to make this all happen."

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