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Diddy's Son's Sweet 16! $300,000 Mayback, Nicki Minaj, Jersey Shore & More! [Photos & Video]

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Yes Lil Kim, we are surprised too! lol

Diddy also gave his son $10,000 to start a bank account [nice huh lol] but Justin decided to donate all of that money to Wyclef's charity to help Haiti. When Diddy's reps were asked about HIS donation to the Haiti Relief fund, his reps said they 'do not have that information.

Damn Diddy's kid all the way to the left looks way too much like him! lol And I'm not even going to talk about the one in the back making kissing faces! haha

Sources say, The car that was given to his son Justin, a supped up (sic) version of the Maybach Exelero, cost $360,000. and a uniformed driver to escort him around New York City.

Why the driver? Well, that’s because Justin is just learning to drive and won’t be able to ride around his home city for the next two years without an instructor in the passenger seat.

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