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Snoop Dogg Bakes Green Brownies w/ Martha Stewart [VIDEO]

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In case you missed it: Just when we thought 2009 couldn't get any crazier...West coast rapper Snoop Dogg was teaching the world how to bake "green brownies" on an episode of ‘The Martha Stewart Show!" lol

During the show, Snoop Dogg gave Martha Stewart the 411 on his previous work ethnic when he joked about knowing his way around a kitchen after saying that he used to work at McDonalds and made Egg McMuffins.

As the two mixed ingredients for their brownies, Martha Stewart allured Snoop Dogg into rapping as they continued.

“Can’t you rap when we’re doing this? Tell me what you’re doing when you rap,” says Martha Stewart.

Snoop Dogg in his cool demeanor raps about the brownies adding in “no sticks, no seeds, no stems,” which makes Stewart ask him if he wants green brownies.

“Especially if it’s green, especially if it’s green,” Martha Stewart adds to Snoop Dogg’s rhyme. (lolllllll)

Check out Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart in the kitchen baking green brownies.

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