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Michelle Rodriguez Mad At Lesbian Rumors...

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Actress Michelle Rodriguez has vowed never to discuss speculation over her sexuality, insisting she would have “made a sex video” if she wanted the public to know about her private life.

The Fast & Furious star has long fought off rumors she is a lesbian, and although she admits her love life is complicated, she won’t be revealing the details any time soon.

She says,

If I wanted to tell people what I do with my vagina, I’d have made a sex video a long time ago. Largely, people don’t know the whole story about anything. “But still they need to put a name on it so they can label it and put it on the side and not dedicate any time to figuring it out. It’s laziness.”

I happen to agree with her. I understand that gays like it when others in high profile areas “come out” but it should be each persons decision to come out.

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