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Lil Wayne's Leaked Rebirth IS NOT 2010 Rebirth: Young Money on the Monique Show [INTERVIEW + PERFORMANCE]

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Lil Wayne planned to visit BET’s The Mo’Nique Show for a straightforward chat to promote the upcoming release of his Young Money label’s artist compilation, We Are Young Money. But it just happens to be that leaked copies of his long-awaited Rebirth zipped across the Web. The album has been out on the nets for months (I've had it for a while now) but recently Amazon had a shipping error and sent 500 pre-ordered copies of Rebirth to fans on December 14, although the album is not scheduled to hit stores until February.

Acting as the Young Money spokesman as of late, Mack Maine was able to assure fans, through Twitter, that the copy fans received will not be the final product, according to Young Money representative Karen Civil. “Leaked 09 Rebirth isn’t going to be 2010 Rebirth..” Mack Maine, the company’s President then retweeted the same message. (Which is obvious, why would he drop the same album that is all over the net)

Here at, I may leak songs and singles, but that is somewhat of a sample to preview artists new CDs, so you can go out and support and buy it if you like it...because I think otherwise we are ruining our own Hip Hop culture by not supporting it.

So my question to you is...

Would you like me to post up leaked albums?

If you answered yes, what else would you do to support the artist?

Catch Wayne and Young Money on The Mo’Nique Show:

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