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Jay-Z Addresses Devil Worshiper Rumors...

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Remember a few days ago I posted an article asking the question if Jay-Z was a devil worshiper? It may seem far fetched but some are claiming he may just be! Click here for that report.

Now Jay-Z has spoke on the allegations. He took it straight to a preacher that made these claims. (watch the preacher's claims here!)

Jay: “He should be arrested, seriously. My position is not unlike anyone else who ascends to the top of their field. That comes with the game. But that’s crazy. That might be the craziest one I’ve had.”

Host: “But do you go to church?”

Jay: “Nah, I’m more spiritual than [having] organized religion. I have a personal relationship with God. …I believe in karma, I believe in cause and effect…but religion, I have my opinions about religion."


I attached a few videos below I found on the topic so you can get a better understanding as to why others have been saying this about Jay-Z and others for years...

An in depth look at the very disturbing truth behind some of mainstream music's most 'popular' celebrities and their occult practices.

Preacher plays Jay-Z song backward to reveal disturbing, satanic lyrics

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