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Eminem Dissing Gay Male Singers in New Song: "Elevator" [DOWNLOAD IT HERE]

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Eminem new song "Elevator" is taking shots at a few male singers including Adam Lambert who was recently bashed for kissing another male on stage at the AMAs.

The news reached Adam Lambert, and he has hit back, apparently ecstatic. He posted in his Twitter account that being included in an Eminem song is a good sign, and that it means that he is finally getting noticed for doing the right things. In the post, he also mentioned that Eminem had apparently used the “F” word, something that seems to have impressed Adam Lambert, but something he does not profess to care much about.

Eminem also has made numerous allusions to the female genitalia. Other than Adam Lambert, Eminem also takes a potshot at two other singers, Clay Aiken and Lance Bass. It seems a little more than mere coincidence that Em only included in his songs only those who are gay. It's another one of his make-fun records.

Em goes on to concede that his competition might be "fresher than most," but he's "doper than all."

Em's final declaration is that the Shady/Aftermath ship will never sink.

Relapse: Refill drops December 21.

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