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Christmas Shopping: The "Almost" A-Z Guide To Saving $$ This Holiday!

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Avoid store cards

Store cards can charge extortionate yearly interest rates of as much as 29.9 per cent – almost twice the rate of a standard card. They may offer enticing initial discounts but there is nearly always a cheaper credit option available. Stores like to push their cards even more at Christmas so keep your guard up.

Be paid to shop
Cashback websites such as are a great way to be rewarded while you shop online. For other spending, the new Express Rewards credit card from American Express offers points.

Compare prices online

The internet is the best weapon. You can compare retail prices on everything from car insurance to games consoles. From cash-back offers to free shipping deals, the Internet is where budget meets ease.

Eleventh-hour presents

So-called invisible presents make the perfect last-minute Christmas gift. At the iTunes store you can buy loved ones music or films and iTunes immediately sends them an email so they can download their gift.

Gift recycle

Or what we like to call "re-gift!"
Waste not, want not. Millions of us recycle unwanted (but appreciated)
gifts received at Christmas.

Have a DIY Christmas

Get crafty and save a bundle. Make your own Christmas gifts such as home-made food goodies and hampers. Old Christmas cards can be reused to make fantastic tree decorations, Advent calendars or simply some festive bookmarks.

Internet shopping safety

Stay safe online by installing the latest anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software. Look out for a little padlock on the corner of your web browser while you shop – this indicates that the website is secure and your information is safe.

January sale time

With the 2.5 per cent VAT reduction ending in January 2010, many retailers will kick off their Christmas sales early this year, but there should still be plenty of bargains around in the new year. January is the ideal time to pick up cheap Christmas gifts and decorations for next year.

Know your shopping rights

Shops are legally required to take back faulty or damaged goods. They must also be of satisfactory quality, so if you buy something that doesn’t last as long as you might reasonably expect something to last, take it back to the retailer.

Make your own gifts

Remember, it's the thought that counts! (Most of the time lol)
These type of presents go a long way.

Send e-cards

Save a fortune on postage and send e-cards this year for an eco-friendly, personalised alternative. There are plenty of free e-card websites such as, but for just $7.25 a year you can send as many animated and musical e-cards from as you like. Or go to and have a good laugh!

Zero per cent purchase cards

These credit cards offer 0 per cent interest on all purchases for a fixed period. Make sure you pay the debt off within the introductory period or you’ll be stung with higher than average interest charges.



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