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Chris Brown Says Without Him The BET Awards Are "Wack"...

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Chris Brown in Vibe has given an interview for the return of the magazine. In the issue, he calls the BET Awards "wack" and criticizes Oprah. They are strong words by the performer who has become known not for his music but for roughing up singer and ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Now others are saying Chris Brown's remarks against the BET Awards may not have been such a smart move for an African American hip hop singer on the comeback trail.

Check out what one person said...
The BET Awards is the Black Entertainment Television network's celebration of African American achievements in entertainment. It is a significant annual award program for the African American community. In Vibe, Chris Brown has made the unfortunate move of expressing his feelings about BET, and because they are negative, his expressions could hurt him. Brown is a hip hop artist, and this particular genre of music has a large African American following. For a singer who is on the comeback trail after pleading guilty to felony assault charges against Rihanna, it would be wise for Chris not to ruffle any feathers. A person on the comeback trail needs to play it safe, particularly when it comes to his audience.
To make matters worse, Chris Brown's thoughts in Vibe come off as a prima donna, and prima donna status doesn't win many votes. Just ask Kanye West.

In the issue CB says, "They were so bent on not getting me there that they messed up their own show." Such a statement is an insult to the other performers who appeared on BET and not the kind of statement that takes you out of underdog status. The singer was removed from BET's lineup. Think this will help him get back on their lineup? Me either lol smh

Drake was also on the cover..

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