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Chris Brown Only Dates Princesses?

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So apparently Chris Brown dates princesses among other specifics.. "My dating life has been kinda weird, I've been dating princesses, like literally princesses and talking to certain models. A couple of regular girls too. I kinda do group dates, I just have a whole bunch of girls come we go to the movies..."

LOL I don't know, is it me or he just sounds so cocky ...."I just have a whole bunch of girls" ... "regular girls too" loll.

Am I looking too deep into this lol


Not to be funny but seriously what does a "princess" or anyone say to their mom/ dad when they introduce them to their new bf, Chris Brown? I mean I knowwww he's famous Chris Breezy and all but what would you say....

"This is CB, he says he won't do any of that Rihanna stuff..." What does he say to the parent, seriously...that's gotta be awkward.

(CB) "Hi sir, I am going to take your daughter out tonight" ... (Dad) "Son, we take violence very seriously in this family, no funny stuff!" (CB) Awkward silience "Ok"

See what I mean...I'm just wondering how that goes...especially from a Princesses of the Royal Family. There's got to be a weird moment in there.

So I ask the question, Would you let your daughter date Chris Brown?

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