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Shyne Speaks On Prison, DIddy, & Visits Belize Jail on Thanksgiving Day...[VIDEO INCLUDED]

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In case you missed it, Shyne recently opened up about his eight-year prison stint.

“I didn’t blame nobody else for my mistakes. It wasn’t my co-defendant’s fault that I shot somebody in the club, I take responsibility, I did that s**t, it was a terrible mistake and I moved on. So that’s what I challenge you guys to do. Don’t blame the C.O. [Correctional Officer], don’t blame the police – you have to take accountability for your actions and you have to decide what your future is gonna be. You can’t be following what this one say and that one say, I spent ten years in the cooker – it’s a lot of gangbangers in New York, I didn’t bang because I’m universal. I’m a boss – I mess with everybody. I had the Italian mafia, John Gotti’s boys, I sit down and break bread with them. I had the Irish n***as, the Spanish n***as, the point I’m trying to make to you is that you have to be a boss. And I started this when I was young.”

Shyne called P Diddy a “liar” last month after the music mogul allegedly said he had a phone conversation with the ‘Bad Boys’ rapper.

Diddy was cleared of the same charges during the pair’s trial.

Shyne also visited prisoners at Belize’s Hattiesville prison on Thanksgiving Day,

and spoke about his own time behind bars, as well as his plans to get his life back on track following his release. He told inmates they need to develop a strategy for their life beyond prison.

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