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Rihanna "Rated R" Preview: "It's My Mini-Movie"

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Rihanna has broken her silence regarding Chris Brown's February assault against her in a recent series of interviews, and the singer told MTV News that her album will have a mix of songs detailing the "roller coaster" of emotions she's experienced in the past nine months.

"It's my mini-movie," Rihanna said about her forthcoming album. "It's really honest, at times vulnerable, but it came from really, really deep in here [points to heart]. I just feel like I had to call it Rated R, 'cause it's my movie."

Rihanna recently performed material from the album for the first time during a surprise appearance on Jay-Z's tour in Los Angeles this past weekend. The "Umbrella" star spoke to MTV News about the appearance and said she was both nervous and excited to get back to music. She said Rated R, set for a November 23 release, will be the beginning of a "new era."
"There are a lot of butterflies, a lot of excitement," Rihanna said about her return to music. "I'm anxious. Like, I can't wait. But you're always nervous, because you're about to go do something big. It's a new thing, a new era. But I'm not scared. I'm just really excited. I just can't wait to start."

Track list for Rated R, according to Def Jam:

1. "Mad House"
2. "Wait Your Turn"
3. "Hard"
4. "Stupid In Love"

5. "Russian Roulette"
6. "Rock Star"
7. "Firebomb"
8. "Rude Boy"
9. "Photographs"
10. "G4L"
11. "Te Amo"
12. "Cold Case Love"
13. "The Last Song"

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