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Rihanna Goes Into a F-Word Rant at Her Driver!

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Rumor has it Rihanna lost her cool and went on a F-word rant when her driver got three minutes late to pick her up outside a nightclub.

“She was with a massive entourage and one was on the phone asking where he was. Suddenly Rihanna started shouting in the face of this guy, saying, ‘Where the f**k is my car?’” and insider says.

She added: “After another minute, she squawked, ‘I mean it guys, you’ve now got 30 seconds to get me my car or someone is losing their employment. I f**king mean it, 10 seconds and I get nasty’.”

The scene ended when the 21-year-old driver finally drove in.

“The driver was so panicked, he almost drove the wrong way down Piccadilly Circus,” the source added.

#PingBlackFriday Clue #1

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