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Rick Ross Declares Victory Over 50 Cent!

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50 Cent's sales for his latest studio LP Before I Self Destruct were disappointing to say the least. The G-Unit President only managed to sell 161,000 copies of the project despite his tireless promotion and ongoing rap beefs.

Now as news of his poor sales hits the net, his main rival is declaring victory over him. As previously reported, 50 took disrespect to new heights when he flew Ross's baby mother and child to Las Vegas to parlay with himself and Floyd Mayweather. In retaliation to that and several other shots Ross spoke out against 50 at a recent concert.

Rick Ross took the stage with DJ Khaled for the 305 DJ's birthday celebration. Before performing his hit “This Is the Life” from Trilla, he spoke on his nemesis's poor sales week stating,

“So we celebrating my nigga birthday, but we're also celebrating the demise of a pussy. R.I.P. to the donkey, we buried him. It feel good, nigga. Don't look surprised, you knew we was gonna do it. There's only one record that can describe the feeling.”
50 Cent has yet to respond but we all know it won't be long before he does.

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