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Lil Wayne & Drake Manager Being Impersonated!

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Young Money boss Cortez Bryant is working with authorities to find person claiming to be him.

Someone has apparently been trying to pass themselves off as Cortez Bryant, the manager of rappers Drake and Lil Wayne. According to a statement released by Bryant Management, "It has come to light that an individual has been impersonating Bryant Management CEO Cortez Bryant for financial gain through false bookings of his clients, specifically the much buzzed-about recording artist Drake."

Bryant, who is also the president of Young Money Entertainment, claims that the impostor has created a false Twitter account and an official-sounding e-mail account in his name, "which he then utilizes to secure and pocket deposits for false bookings and club appearances." The individual is not named in the statement, and it was not revealed where the alleged incidents took place, but Bryant said he is working with authorities investigating the alleged activity and that he's confident the person will be arrested soon.

A spokesperson for the publicity firm that released the statement on behalf of Bryant said the impostor has been targeting the Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis, and Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia, markets, offering to book shows and appearances by Drake, whose gigs are booked solely by the ICM Talent & Literary Agency. The alleged fake Twitter account is credited to "Cortez Bryant The Mgr of Superstar Rapper Lil Wayne."

Recent tweets contain such messages as "who wants to make some easy money hit me," "promoters hit me if you want Drake or Wayne for a show" and "getting ready for tour this paperwork is crazy, who wants to help hit me up." The account appears to have been started in July.

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