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Lil Wayne "Carter Documentry" Producer Speaks: Weezy Doesn't Want Film Released??

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QD3 Entertainment held a private screening of the Lil Wayne documentary, The Carter, in New York last night (November 12).

Lil Wayne's Carter Documentry follows him on a day-to-day basis, starting seven months before Tha Carter III dropped and ending a few months after.

The movie, which received rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival, takes an unflinching look at Wayne’s multi-faceted personality from his manic, oftentimes outrageous, mad scientist-like behavior to his more docile, insightful yet witty moments. With the biggest focus being on the New Orleans rapper’s paradoxical ability to record so heavily in spite of his alleged codeine addiction. There are more scenes of him intermittently mixing Sizzurp and setting up his mobile recording studio (on the tour bus, in the hotel, etc.) than anything else, which is perhaps the reason Lil Wayne doesn’t want this film released.

According to executive producer Quincy “QD3” Jones III, shortly after viewing the film, Lil Wayne, who laughed at his antics on the big screen and seemed to enjoy the project, later pulled his support from the film.

“We played the movie for him a month before Sundance and he was singing along, laughing at the movie,” QD3 said during a question and answer session at the end of the last night’s screening. “[He] loved it from what we hear [he] plays it on the bus a lot for his friends and stuff. Just a few days before Sundance his team called us and was like, ‘You have to pull the whole film…’ We had some conversations recently about trying to figure things out but still to this day we don’t know specifically what the issue is.” [Watch Video Above]


Lil Wayne: The Carter Documentary [PREVIEW VIDEO]-November 9, 2009

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