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Juvenile Talks New Album, Cash Money, Jay-Z, Advice to Lil Wayne + More!

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I sat down and spoke w/ Juvenile about his new album, "Cocky & Confident" that will be in stores December 1st, "We got the new single called You Gotta Get It...I just shot the video BET Weekend and I'm ready to go," says Juvie.

When thinking about what happened a few years ago during Hurricane Katrina and the after math Juvie says, "A lot of people still mad about things but ya know, people are starting to hold their heads up and look foward to their future...we getting back grounded now."

Things have changed drastically over the years for Juvenile and his team. "It's been a minute since I been out man and I started probably like, I would say '91 seriously like making records" He went on to say, "I've been one of the lucky ones to have a few hit singles that I could stay around this long."

In regards to his former team member at Cash Money, Juvie says, "We all able to let bygones be bygones and move on...we all about making money......"

I also asked Juve what he thought about Lil Wayne's success, now being one of the top rappers of today, "It's crazy because it's something I predicted from the beginning"

Juvie says Lil Wayne always put Jay-Z on a pedestal, "I would tell him [Lil Wayne] 'Hey man, Jay-Z is a great rapper, but there's always gonna be somebody that comes along that's better than him.' ...Both of them my guys, he [Jay-Z] paved the way for us too."
Juve says he hasn't spoke to Wayne since he got sentenced, "My last conversation w/ him [Lil Wayne] was right before he went to Europe." He also says he advices him not to talk with many people, "Stay in your own world what people know you for doing....."

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