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Chris Brown & Rihanna "Tell-all" Interviews on Same Day?!

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[Above: Chris Brown MTV Interview Preview]

Ok this is getting kinda crazy now. I can respect good publicity but I feel like there is someone in this equation that is trying to fool us. But who is it??

Within the last few weeks Chris Brown and Rihanna have both given the public an insightful glimpse into what life has been like for them since the incident. Rihanna gave a highly publicized interview to Diane Sawyer, to be aired on Good Morning America and 20/20. And on that same Friday, Chris Brown will sit down with MTV and air things out with Sway!

Come on guys....THE SAME DAY?? Urghhh

In the interview, it is said that Chris Brown seemed a little more humble than usual. Rather than being too defensive, he seemed to have a sullen acceptance of the reality he faces.

When asked about the public’s perception of him, he said: “I’m confused right now.” He continued:

“I think with my fans, they still love me, they support me, definitely. You have those people who will support you. So it’s kinda like 50/50 for me. I got the people that will come out and support and then the people that don’t wanna see me do anything. They basically want me in jail.”

Where do you stand on the issue?

Chris Brown: The Interview airs Friday at 8PM EST on MTV.

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