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Beanie Sigel Calls Rift With Jay-Z 'A Defining Moment'

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"I couldn't tell you that," he said of his ultimate plan. "I'd be defeating the purpose on what I was doing if I tell people what's my strategy, what my plan is gonna be. But then again, I could tell you what's my strategy, my plans, because you can't stop it. It was willed already. This moment right here is a defining moment. ... What I'm about to do is set a timeline to show people in my music where this at. This is not nothing new. Now it's time to go back to those albums that people overlooked or didn't get an opportunity to really grasp and hold on to 'em because there was that wall in front of it. And when I go back and start to pick out the music like, 'When I said this, this what I was talking about,' for this moment that's here today right now."

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