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Adam Lambert: "I'm Not A Babysitter. I'm A Performer."

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The backlash from Adam Lambert's performance at last Sunday's American Music Awards is still on, and the American Idol runner-up isn't giving any apologies.

In an interview with CBS' The Early Show, Adam admitted that he was carried away with his sexually-charged performance, which featured dancers in bondage, simulated oral sex, and the performer kissing a male keyboard player.

"I admit I did get carried away, but I don't see anything wrong with it," he said. "I do see how people got offended and that was not my intention. My intention was to interpret the lyrics of my song and have a good time with it."

He added that the more risque elements of his performance were not rehearsed, and vowed to clear these issues before staging future performances. However, he hinted at possible discrimination from networks and viewers, noting that in the same night, Lady Gaga, Eminem and Janet Jackson had similar elements in their numbers but weren't chided for it.

"If it had been a female pop performer doing my moves that were on the stage, I don't think there would be nearly as much of an outrage," he said. "I think it's because I'm a gay male."

He declined to give an apology on the show, adding that he did not consider the possibility of having many children watch the performance. His number, after all, can at nearly 11pm, closing the night's events. "I'm not a babysitter," he said. "I'm a performer."

Nonetheless, the controversy surrounding the performance undeniably helped push sales of his just-released record For Your Entertainment. Estimates suggest that the album should sell at least 225,000 copies when it debuts on next week's Billboard chart, which is in the same ballpark as first-week sales for Idol winner David Cook's first album.

As for last season's actual winner, Kris Allen, he shifted only 80,000 copies in his first week, and debuts at number 11 on the SoundScan charts, behind Justin Bieber and Norah Jones.

As they say, any publicity is still good publicity.

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