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Tiffany Evans Slams Rihanna's New Song, "Russian Roulette." Is RiRi helping to raise suicide rates?

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Rumor has it, Tiffany Evans Slams Rihanna Russian Roulette Song – Rihanna is advocating for pro-suicide and is a devil worshiper according to “Promise Ring” singer Tiffany Evans.Evans slammed Rihanna’s new song “Russian Roulette” for influencing youngsters to kill themselves.Here is what she said:

"Russian Roulette= Suicidal Rate gon sky rocket! You gotta watch what u say. Because there are a lot of weak people in the world. They are susceptible to anything so anything you say or do some people actually do listen. So make sure its nothing bad. Its okay to be deep,but not murder deep. Man! I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship satan,and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. You’d be verrrry surprise. Some of your favorite people pretend to worship God but they only do that to save face. Or seem innocent. Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once u make a certain amount of money. Just know that that’s when they ask u to join. To get in you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist u with ur career.make u huge.only if u agree and obey to destroy Gods word.and his children. Ppl listen and pay attention. Its a war going on right now between Good and Evil. Evil will rule this world for a min. The people that have this power are the people that RULE the whole world. I’m done I won’t say anymore before I get in trouble."


I mean, I don't know what to say...or believe. This is definitely not the first time I hear of this.

What are YOUR thoughts?


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  1. What Tiffany says is true! If You don't believe it, your just blinded by her(Rihanna's)image. These days people don't comprehend what songs are really saying. All they hear is a beat and a voice. Sadly to say, Many people in the world are blinded. The evil plan of satan is to get people to follow him and use them and kill them so they go to hell. How can you believe there is a hell and heaven and no Jesus and Satan! Get your act together people, before your time runs out! Go watch a movie called "Drag Me To Hell" then google about the evil spirits in that movie. That alone should be enough proof for you. The Anti-Christ is said to be already here, just a matter of time, before he or she comes out. Like I've told many people before, If This whole God, Jesus, Heaven or Hell thing is not real you have nothing to lose when you die; BUT! If it is real and you did not get your life right with God, then you have EVERYTHING TO LOSE. My Youth "Pastor George Sotolongo" from Remnant told me that and I've since then used it over and over again! If you're cast into Hell remember that it is ETERNAL!!! Same goes for Heaven. Get your life right with God and see where he takes you!

    Ms. Evans, God has given you the strength to speak up about this and thats something you should be VERY proud of. God Bless You Tiffany!

    P.S. God Bless you to DJLadyT for without you there would be no "Talk of the town" blog.

    - Joe