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Shyne's Lawyer and Belize- Prime Minister Dad Speak on Deportation: He has a "Green Card!"

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Former Bad Boy rapper Shyne is fighting deportation to Belize, according to his attorney Oscar Michelen. Shyne was released from prison on Tuesday October 6 after completing more than nine years of a ten year sentence following a 2001 New York nightclub shooting involving his mentor and felow rapper Diddy (Sean Combs) and Jennifer Lopez.

But he was immediately taken into custody by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) authorities while his future immigration status is determined. Shyne was born in Belize to a Belizean woman, Imeon Myvette and his Belizean father Dean Barrow a politician and attorney who is now the Prime Minister of Belize. Ms. Myvette subsequently emigrated to the U.S.A. and her son eventually followed her to live there.

Shyne's attonery Oscar Michelen in an interview with Belize radio and T.V. stations in Belize today stated that Shyne wants to remain in the U.S.A. and his family has hired immigration lawyers in New York to try and ensure that he remains there.

According to Mr. Michelen, Shyne has a "green card", or permanent residence in the U.S. but never acquired U.S. nationality. Mr. Michelen said that his client is fighting deportation on two main grounds. Firstly that he has been a model prisoner, and secondly that he is the subject of a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit in the U.S.A. brought about by the victims of the shooting at the now defunct New York Club. But he admitted that because of the more strict post 911 immigration rules on deporting felons to the country of their birth, it will not be an easy battle.

Meanwhile in Belize, Shyne's uncle Michael Finnegan who is a member of the Belize Cabinet, Minister of Housing and close ally of Shyne's father Prime Minister Dean Barrow, told the media today that if Shyne is deported, he will be welcomed in Belize. Mr. Finnegan who helped raise Shyne as a child in Belize when his mother left for the U.S.A. said that "...his accomodations are ready and waiting for him in Belize if he is deported."


Shyne Remains In Custody Due To Immigration Status!


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