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Jennifer Lopez Jacking From Beyonce???

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Jennifer Lopez denies that her new alter ego “Lola” is a permanent fixture .

All these celebs and their alter-egos... Beyonce and Sasha Fierce, Ciara and Super Ci, Mary J. Blige and Brook-Lyn – ? LOL

So check it out Jennifer Lopez just dropped a new single under the name “Lola” and people are checking her for pulling a Beyonce...J-Lo's people have come in to say it’s all in fun.

Epic Records president Amanda Ghost insists Lopez is not trading her previous nickname of J.Lo for Lola.

She told “This is a hot club record that the label loved and Jennifer thought was fun. Jennifer and Pitbull got together and the record leaked. Lola is a fun character just for this song.

And a source close to Lola Lopez added: “Lola is just for this song, it’s not her ongoing persona. It’s something fun. She hasn’t become Sasha Fierce (Beyonce’s alter ego). There won’t be anything to do with Lola on her Love? album.”

Here's Lola's new song...

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