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Beyonce Upset Over Dad's Paternity Suit: Rumors To Fire Him!

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After news of a paternity suit facing her father and manager broke last week, sources say Beyonce became upset with thoughts of not just distancing herself from dad but firing him as well.

“Beyonce is very upset (and) angry that her father didn’t have enough sense to protect himself from a situation like this,”
says a source.

The National Enquirer reports that a supposed “source” tells the Enquirer “the Grammy-winning singer believes it might be time to separate him from her professional life...Beyonce says a big part of being successful and happy is being focused, the “source” continued, “And she can’t do that when she has to deal with her father’s antics.”

So is Beyonce really planning to can him?

A rep for Beyonce says, “we haven’t heard a thing about that yet.” And while we aren’t sure how delicate this is, we’re a bit skeptical that Beyonce plans to fire her dad.


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