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Chris Brown Talks Oprah, Jay-Z & Rihanna In Hot 97 Interview

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Angie Martinez of HOT 97 sat down with Chris Brown. One of the moments that was really power was when Angie asked about Chris' father and if anyone ever told him "You're not supposed to hit a matter what." Angie asked again, "Were you told you that?" Chris answers, "of course"....long dramatic pause "it just went bad."

Check out some other details about the interview...

Chris Brown and Oprah Winfrey went back and forth earlier this year commenting on the singer's altercation with Rihanna.

Oprah used her popular show to educate viewers about domestic violence, and in the process warned her viewers that most abusers repeat their actions. Brown took the remark as a slight against him. He charged Winfrey with being one-sided in her sympathy toward Rihanna. (Read to what CB said about Oprah here) Winfrey shot back at Brown, telling the singer he should get the help he needs.

So in the interview with Angie Martinez (October 21), Brown clarified his statement. The singer said he had hoped Winfrey would have reached out to both him and Rihanna.

"At the time, when I think I needed a helping hand, for her to reach out to me and talk to Rihanna and say this is wrong and this is right, or whatever the case may be," he told Martinez during the radio appearance. "Not even to be on the show; just make it about helping. Because at the end of the day I thought we had that type of relationship where it could be like that."

Brown cited Will Smith and Diddy as examples, saying that both men reached out to him and offered to help, although neither let him off the hook. "As a young black man myself, I need older black male role models to step in and kind of mold me. Not people bashing me, 'cause that's not how you learn from mistakes," he said.

During Brown's embattled seclusion, rumor spread that he was scheduled to appear at the BET Awards in June to pay tribute to Michael Jackson. But after Brown failed to appear, speculation began that Jay-Z, an ally of Rihanna's, helped orchestrate an attempt to block Brown from the proceedings — an assertion Jay has denied.

"That's the silliest rumor I ever heard," Jay-Z told British radio host Tim Westwood in July. "You know me, right? I was sitting back and watching all them suckas [comment]. You don't comment on rumors. I was sitting back watching them. 'Look at them. That's so silly.' First, let me categorically deny that. If I have a problem with Chris Brown, I got a problem with Chris Brown. I don't agree with what he did and that's that."

Brown reiterated Jay-Z's claim about personal differences.
"I don't know and don't think it was him," Brown said. "I don't got anything against homie."

And in regards to the Rihanna situation...

“I’m human. If people feel a certain way, I’m not going to say they’re wrong. But it’s not right to judge somebody when people make mistakes all the time,” Chris told Angie. “I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’m learning from them. And I regret every moment, every second of it.”

The star admitted he knew he’d “let a lot of people down.” I won’t let you down anymore...”

Asked if it would ever happen again, he insisted it wouldn’t.

“I can be certain, for sure, from me… Me being a kid who grew up with domestic violence, certain things in my household when I was growing up, that’s something I never want to put anybody through… That’s not who I am at all,” he said.

But Chris did open up on Rihanna – and his feelings for her.

“We’ve been friends since I was like 15, we got serious when I was like, 17,” he said, admitting he wasn’t over her yet. He also says how Rihanna's friends are not too fond of him...

"I don't think I'm on their 'get back [with him]' list," he said.

Audio: Chris Brown 10/21/09


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