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50 Cent & Tony Yayo Tied to Murder.

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In the latest rap rivalry mess, a murder that occurred on September 27th of this year is now being tied to an assault case back in 2007.

Or not! So many theories. The Daily News reports that 32-year-old Lowell Fletcher was recently murdered just two weeks after making parole; he was behind bars for allegedly covering for one of 50 Cent's sidekicks (Tony Yayo), who may or may not have pistol-whipped the 14-year-old son of music producer Jimmy Rosemond (a rival of the G-Unit).

Keeping up? Fletcher was also a rapper, under the name Lodi Mack, and a lieutenant in the Bloods. When assault charges were filed, police say "He pled guilty for another guy, for Yayo." Since his own life was taken such a short time after being released, the NYPD says it could all be tied together; "the kid's father is a pretty big guy in the music industry. So the case might be connected to him, or to 50 Cent and his boys, to get the heat off of them." However, the murder took place on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx, and another source tells the paper: "On Jerome Ave., it could be lots of reasons — or no reason."

Last year the mother of Rosemond's son filed a multimillion-dollar civil suit against... pretty much everyone: Fletcher, Yayo, 50 Cent, G-Unit Records and Interscope Records. She says her son was attacked in order to promote a "violent gangsta image."


In March 2007, Tony Yayo turned himself into police. Yayo and some other men were accused of assaulting a 14-year-old boy on 25th Street. And it wasn't just any regular 14-year-old boy - the boy happened to be the son of Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond, head of a rival music management company Czar Entertainment, and the boy was wearing a shirt with a Czar logo on it.

According to the Post, Yayo, aka Marvin Bernard, asked how old the boy was, and when he responded, Yayo said, "I don't give a f*** how old you are - F*** Czar Entertainment!." Plus, another man held out a gun as Yayo "made sure the victim knew who he was before taking off." The boy also reportedly said he saw 50 Cent in the SUV, though 50's lawyer says the rapper was not in NY State during the incident.

The boy's mother Cynthia Reed said, "As a mother I am concerned that my son, who is a fan of hip-hop, would be attacked by the same artist whose music he listens to. It's a shame that 50 Cent and Tony Yayo could feel comfortable slapping and physically attacking an innocent 14-year-old minor that they market and promote their records to."

Yayo was released on $5,000 bail.

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