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Tila Tequila Reveals Bruises From Alleged Attack Of NFL Star, Shawne Merriman!

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Tila Tequila let the paparazzi snap shots of her bruised arms and neck today which seem to prove that San Diego Charger Shawne Merriman did a little more than stop her from driving home drunk. Which I previously reported is false. Shawne could not have been stopping Tila from driving drunk, she was not driving!

Merriman has denied assaulting Tequila and maintained he was trying to help her get home safely in an intoxicated state.

Tequila, when asked if she will forgive Merriman, said "I don't know."

Asked if she will press charges, Tequila said, "We'll see."

The video can be seen HERE FROM TMZ!

TMZ is maintaining that Tequila met with investigators from the San Diego DA's office despite the spokesman for the office denying a meeting was scheduled.

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