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Taylor Swift Tired Of Talking About Kanye West- Miley Weighs In Too!

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Taylor Swift is sick of talking about her run-in with Kanye West at last weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards. During an interview with a Tampa Bay radio station, the country star answered several questions about the incident but then started to get agitated when the DJ wouldn’t stop talking about it.

“I really would appreciate if we could talk about something else — because I’ve asked you three times now,” Swift told the DJ. “I’m trying to be nice about it. Because it’s not something that we need to spend this whole interview talking about.”

The DJ kept pressing the subject saying, “It’s good for your career though… Because you are the hero here and he is the zero.”

Swift then reportedly left the interview. She has not commented on the incident with the radio station.


Miley Cyrus says she would have put Kanye West in his place if he interrupted her at the VMAs like he did Taylor Swift.

When asked by Jay Leno how she would have handled a West ambush, Cyrus, 16, said: "I would have said 'Rude! Disrespectful!' And I think I would have had to tell him to, like, let me finish my speech, so I'm happy she got to do that."

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