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Stephon Marbury Drops A Jay-Z Freestyle Diss...

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Proving that old beefs die hard. Marbury has been going at Jay-Z lately because of lyrics from Jay-Z’s single released in 2000-freakin’-3, “La, La, La” where HOV said, “Don’t confuse me with Marbury out this bitch / run up on me at the light, you could lose your life.

So last week, Marbury called Jay-Z a camel and now he dropped a few bars of anti-Jay-Z lyrics on the Internet saying.

“Million for your bullshit…album/yes I said it/that’s my story/thank you Jay-Z/your rhymes old…I’m going at you/I said your name/and it rhymes with gay/you better come back/where are you homeboy?/I’m waiting for you/tried to diss Nas/and then come back and apologize.”

Um so far Jay hasn't responded LOL and something tells me he won't! hahah

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