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Snoop Apologizes To Soulja Boy.

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Rap veteran Snoop Dogg has displayed his respect for teenie bopper, Soulja Boy Tell Em and asked the rapper for forgiveness over his initial prejudice of the emcee's talent.

In addition to supporting Soulja Boy, Snoop said it was vital for all generations of rappers to unite for hip-hop.

"N*ggas was always hatin' on a n*gga when he come out," Snoop said in a video. "They hate on everybody. But when you see a n*gga really know what he doing and it's your craft and you come hit after hit after hit, n*gga can't do nothing but say 'Man, I'm sorry for hating on you, you'se a real n*gga. You hear to stay.' Soulja Boy, we come from two different worlds, we different generations and what not, but we come together right now to unite and show love -- I apologize for all the hate that I had towards Soulja Boy, towards what he was doing in the beginning of his career -- as a man, what I understand what this man is and what else he's doing and how he's doing what he's doing, I support him, wrap my arms around him and love him. And I give him the same love I give my family members. So it's all about bridging the gap and showing love."


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