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Producer, NO I.D, Sample Lover or Thief? YOU BE THE JUDGE...

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Original Sample from "Run This Town" (Prod. By MLVK Jr.)

As u can see the only thing he sampled was that Guitar riff from the intro...
Listen below to hear how similar it is...

Original sample from "A Star Is Born"

Jay-Z - A Star is Born (feat. J. Cole) - 'The Blueprint 3' 2009

Now here's the Original sample from "DOA" ("Prod. By No I.D.")

This is pretty much 90% of what we hear on DOA....he didn't rearrange the track...the only difference between this and DOA is Jay's lyrics

Jay-Z, DOA

He did the same with "Success"

Jay Z ft. Nas- Success

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  1. NO I.D. has been one of the best producers since the early 90's and these sampling methods are the same ones that've been used since hip-hop began. No different than Sylvia Striplin's "you can't turn me away", which was used for "Get Money"; straight loop. I think it's ok because it brings awareness to the original artists from which the samples were lifted. So, yeah, he's a sample lover and a borrower, but not a thief.