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Beyonce's Dad was "Proud" Of Beyonce At The MTV VMAs.

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Beyonce Knowles gets praised by her manager-father, Mathew Knowles, for inviting Taylor Swift back to the stage after the country music star's award acceptance speech was interrupted by Kanye West. "I can only say it was a proud night for me as a manager, but more importantly as a father," the older Knowles tells Us Weekly.

Speaking of the moment, Mathew reveals, "I've always said the thing that makes me most proud about Beyonce is not how many records she sold or how many plaques she has or how many awards; it's that she's a genuine good person. I know it's hard for people to believe that she can really be that nice of a person, but she really is."

Denying speculation that he asked Beyonce to invite Taylor back to the stage to play hero, Mathew insists to Us Weekly, "It wasn't my decision to bring Taylor out. It was all Beyonce's decision. I want to be clear about that. My job is to execute and come up with some ideas, but ultimately that was Beyonce's decision."

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