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T-Pain Trying To Hide From Diddy? "I Tried To Change My Phone Number..."

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It's been a little while since T-Pain was featured on nearly everyone's record while still topping the charts with songs of his own. But when MTV News caught up with T-Pain via Skype, he insisted he was still working with a bunch of people — he's just been hiding from Diddy.

"Diddy's kind of aggressive," T-Pain explained. "He can get that way, but I tried to change my phone number every time he tried to reach me."

T has been working with Diddy on the Bad Boy impresario's new album, Last Train to Paris, and has written 12 songs for the project. However, according to T-Pain, Diddy's not exactly feeling every one of those jams.

"He's been a producer for so many years, so he pretty much knows what he's doing," T said. "But it's more like ideas for different songs and getting different concepts and topics."

As for Diddy's voice, T-Pain said his experience singing hooks will help him. "Auto-Tune will help that out a little bit, but I just told him to put some more into it," Pain explained. "But he's pretty good [at singing] actually, which is weird."

Another thing T-Pain found weird was one of the concepts around Diddy's Last Train to Paris. The album will be performed by a group called Dirty Money, which features former Danity Kane member Dawn Richard as well as newcomer Keelena.

"He said he was making a group ... on his whole album it's going to be him, another dude and two girls, so that was weird to me as it is. He said [to not] make the song for him, just make a song, and whoever he thinks can sing certain parts, that's who's going to sing it in the group," Pain said. "I don't know what the hell to expect from that guy right now."

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