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Plies Gets Ready To Drop "Goon Affiliated"

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Plies' upcoming solo album, Goon Affiliated, will reportedly land in stores this fall and the rapper says it is as "real" as ever. Led by the single "Becky," Plies' latest effort will land in stores weeks before Halloween.

Plies is set to release his new album during the spookiest month of the year. The Florida rapper's fourth album in just over two years, Goon Affiliated, will hit stores and digital retailers on October 6. The first single, "Becky," is already creating a buzz. Goon Affiliated, which got its name from Plies' older brother Big Gates, marks a series of firsts for the "Bust It Baby" MC. He is featuring another rapper on the album and isn't using the word "real" in the title. (Rap-Up)
The Florida-based emcee recently spoke on the album's title and why its name is fitting for fans of all ages.

"Goon Affiliated, I had the pleasure of having my brother home for this album," Plies said in an interview. "He actually came up with the title of this album. The three previous albums, 'real' was incorporated into the album title. For me, we felt Goon Affiliated wasn't too gangsta, wasn't too soft. It was right in the middle. Kids in the suburbs could have goon friends and be goon affiliated. You could be a street cat and not call yourself a 'goon' but have goon homeboys and be goon affiliated. Or you could be a goon and be goon affiliated. It's a whole diverse situation for me."

Goon Affiliated is set to land in stores Tuesday, Ocotber 6th.

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