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Memphis Bleek Blaims Timbaland For Leaking Jay-Z Tracks!

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From the start of the week, there has been a leakage problem from the album faucet that is Blueprint 3. (LISTEN/ DOWNLOAD TO "GHETTO TECHNO" & MORE HERE! LOL)

It’s not too difficult to take Memphis Bleek's thoughts as truth. Some of the tracks that have been leaked were produced by Timbaland.

The rumors that were floating around that Timbaland was not too pleased that he didn’t get a chance to produce a good majority of Jay’s latest effort, adds even more truth to the fire. It has also been mentioned that the beats that were supplied to Jay, were not Timbaland’s best beats in his stash. He allegedly plans on keeping his best beats for his album Shock Value 2.

Memphis Bleek:

"Man , you know where that's coming from. That's Timbo's camp. Somebody is playin' dirty. It's cool though. I like to see the people's opinions. I've been reading the comments on Jay's records saying that the beats don't sound like this or that. I think they just set the bar too high for my guy.

For those of you who are expecting to get a Jay-Z that you have been experiencing for some time now, Bleek lets you know that Jay’s goal is to expand as an artist and to cover new ground by not limiting himself musically. While other artists are huddled in the studio trying their hardest to make another one of the hits they once had, Jay is striving to create brand new magic and hits that are different from his last.
"A couple of years back, I had asked Jay why he doesn't make another “Big Pimpin.” This was like four years ago when I asked him this and his answer to me was ‘Why would I do that?' “Big Pimpin” is already made. So then, I didn't understand what he meant by that and I'm like so what, I would just make six of those and ride it to the end of the wave. But he's right because if you make four more of those records, then the original won't be hot anymore. You have to move on to the next wave and I think that people want him to stay Reasonable Doubt, Volume 2, Blueprint Jay. He's not that guy anymore, he's outta here."

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