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Mariah Threatened By Whitney Comeback? / Another Wedding???

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Is Mariah Carey tripping over Whitney Houston’s return? Rumors are circulating about it. Mariah’s new CD was set to debut later this month but was pushed back. The reason? Whitney Houston’s return CD was set to drop the following week.

Now, Mariah’s CD has been pushed back to mid-September and Whitney’s is now coming out August 31st. Mariah is competitive, but I am sure she wished her CD was not coming out around Whitney’s. There used to be rumors of a rival between the two divas that seemed to be squashed when they recorded together.

I feel Mariah, she wants it to be perfect and Whitney not getting in her way! Now, they can each have their deserved shine!

But I do remember Mariah tripping over J-Lo stealing her shine back in the day...kind of around her breakdown. Damn are one the best- no need to trip!


Mariah Carey is planning a glamorous second wedding to her new husband Nick Cannon after the pair wed in a secret Bahamian ceremony earlier this month. Apparently Mariah wants a $ 2 million New York City ceremony complete with fourteen bridesmaids.According to reports:

“It’s going to be held in New York City in the next six weeks. Picture a wedding on the scale of Liza Minelli’s (to David Gest) and you’ll be on the right track,...She wants over 2,000 guests and the budget will be well over $4 million and she’ll have at least 14 bridesmaids.”

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