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Lil Wayne Leaked Song "Whip It Like A Slave" Causing Controversy

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The Lil’ Wayne song called “Whip It Like a Slave” was leaked about a month ago and is starting a lot of controversy!

One upset reporter says...
Lil’ Wayne has one lyric: “Bet I whip it like Kunta Kente,” when Kunta Kente (by now you should know about Alex Haley’s book turned movie “Roots”) was the one being whipped. Why would someone create a danceable song about whipping it like slaves? How about showing respect to the ancestors who were killed, beaten, raped and brutalized so he’d have the luxury of making such ridiculous music? Why not make a song big-upping Harriet Tubman and Nathaniel Turner and Frederick Douglass instead of talking about how he “wake up in the morning/take a s—t shower shave/stand over the stove/and whip it like a slave.” The song then goes on to say he “does it the YM way” (YM meaning “young money”) with “a bunch of drugs/bunch of money.”

What do you think about this song?

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