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Nick Cannon Spills The Beans On How Mariah And Him Got Married.

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Last night on the Tonight Show, Nick Cannon spilled the beans to Conan O'Brien about how he managed to romance one of the biggest pop stars on the planet—his wife, Mariah Carey. In the interview Cannon explained how he "spoke their relationship into existence," telling Conan: "Being an entertainer, they always ask who your celebrity crush is, and I would always say Mariah Carey."

Although most folks would laugh him off when he brought it up, eventually Nick got a call from the director of Mariah's hit video "Touch My Body," who asked him to play the role of the nerdy lover in the video (a part that eventually went to 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer). Although Nick turned that part down (he hated the wardrobe selection), Carey called Nick back for her next video in which he was able to play the love interest and the rest, as they say, is history!

Did you ever think that Mariah and Nick would last this long?


While Nick is spilling the beans,

Mariah Carey is back with her third installment
in the fragrance industry, "Forever"

Thanks to her continued relationship with Elizabeth Arden. Arden also produces perfume for such bigwigs as Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Hilary Duff and Usher. What’s unique about the branding approaching to her new fragrance entitled Forever is it’s a bit more upscale than her previous two: “M” (2007) and Luscious Pink (2008).

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