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Kane West To Be A Pregnant In Film

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Kanye West and filmmaker Spike Jonze collaborated on a short film earlier this year featuring a pregnant West with a demon baby inside him. The 12-minute short, titled We Were Once a Fairytale, premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June, and now we’ll all get to see it on September 8 when it’s released via iTunes, according Jonze.

The film was shot over two days in L.A. and is set in a nightclub, with West playing his arrogant self before having a few hallucinations and, ultimately, sex with a pillow. The Daily Swarm attended the film’s L.A. premiere, saying it “walks the fine line between self-aggrandizement and self-mockery that runs through all of Kanye’s endeavors,” and that it “takes what people love and hate about Kanye’s persona and then pushes it into a new, trippy realm.”
Jonze and West have worked together before on the video for West’s “Flashing Lights,” and in October, Jonze’s newest feature-length film, Where the Wild Things Are, is set to premiere. Let’s see if any demon babies will come out of that one.

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