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Beyonce Says NO BUTT SHOTS!

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Beyonce Knowles has one of the world’s most famous bottoms — but she doesn’t want anyone taking photographs of it!

Beyonce has banned people on her concert tour from shooting her from behind.

“Beyonce’s costumes are so tiny and the choreography is so complicated, she’s worried that the prying lens will reveal more than she wants,” a source told the National Enquirer. “So she’s sent out an order that no one is allowed to shoot her from that particular angle anymore.”

Beyonce, 27, recently revealed that before she became famous, she used to read about celebrities.

“When I was younger I loved reading about the lives of celebrities, so I understand the interest the media has in my life,” she said. “But my husband and I prefer not to talk about our lives because that’s our way of protecting our relationship.”

It was recently reported that the former Destiny’s Child star was in talks to turn the Sister Act stage musical into a movie. Click here for details.

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