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Rihanna is "Pissed Off" at Chris Brown's Video Statement!

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Ok so we know Rihanna has been having her fair share of fun but according to the Chicago Sun-Times, the singer is none too happy about Chris Brown’s recent statement of apology in the aftermath of his alleged assault on her.

In case you missed it, click here to watch Chris' Video Statement.

And while Rihanna’s camp has declined to officially comment on Brown’s statement, a close friend of the entertainer’s in her native Barbados (where she is currently recovering) tells the Chicago paper that: “All of us, including Rihanna, don’t understand how he can say he’s sorry on the one hand, but still … not admit any guilt…he should have expressed more contrition.”

Another friend and associate of hers in LA takes it further, saying that Rihanna is “royally pissed off” by Brown’s “cavalier and arrogant statement.”

Obviously, this is a very sensitive matter and, because neither we nor anyone else (besides Rihanna and Brown, it seems) knows the full story of what happened that fateful Sunday night, we can only end by saying that, half-assed apologies aside, I hope justice will be served and that Rihanna will recover fully.

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