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Michael Jackson's Hair To be Turned Into Diamonds?

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Ok so check this out, the word is that Pop legend Michael Jackson’s hair, which he burnt while shooting for a Pepsi commercial in 1984 (Featured in the video above), could be transformed into diamonds?!?!

Jewellery company LifeGem claims that it can convert the strands of hair into pieces of gem.

“Absolutely this is for real,” Dean of the company Vanden Biesen says.

Biesen’s establishment has a patent on a process that extracts carbon from hair, turns it into crystals and then into high-quality laboratory diamonds in fact he estimates that they can make close to 10 diamonds out of the late singers burnt hair. (Damn can they turn my hair into diamonds please LOL)

Meanwhile, a report in Rolling Stone magazine says that the prosthetic nose Jackson wore apparently went missing when he was taken to a LA morgue.

Here is one of MJ's Pepsi Commercials, I had to add it, it's soooo cute!

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